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Owing a private car has many advantages

Nowadays,with the development of people’s life,there are more and more private cars.Because of that,a lot of traffic problems appear.But we should look at the positive sides and its advantages. It is convenient to have a private car.As is known to us,sometimes we can’t get to our destination by taking a bus.A private car can make our playing plans come true.Especially on weekends,we can traveling by a car in order to enjoy the leisure time.What’s more,waiting public transportation is a waste of time.So owing a private car can save a lot of time.Then we have more and more time to do the valuable things.Above all,we can’t rely on public transportation.Too many people will lead to the pressure of public transport,appearing a series of problems. Owing a private car has many advantages.In short,it can make in part our society harmonious.

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