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TIA Offers Complete TPMS Chart

The TIA TPMS Relearn Chart is divided into two sections for domestic and import vehicles, and each section list vehicles by make, model and year. Each listing includes details on the type of TPMS; details on when a system relearn is necessary; a relearn summary including a reference number corresponding to the vehicle's procedure for initiating sensor relearn mode; information on the sensor maker, the OE sensor part number, Schrader replacement sensor part number, Schrader service pack number, Dill replacement sensor part number, Dill kit and band number, Continental replacement sensor part number, and Continental kit and band number; and torque specifications for the sensor nut, torx bolt, worm gear, and lug nuts.

"There is nothing currently on the market that has this level of TPMS information," said TIA Senior Vice President of Training Kevin Rohlwing. "We created the TIA TPMS Relearn Chart to be as user-friendly as possible – all of the information is laid out in a clear, easy-to-read format, and it has a durable coating and special binding with pre-drilled holes in the corners for easy and long-lasting use in the shop."

TIA members can purchase the TIA TPMS Relearn Chart for $85. The non-member price is $185. Volume discounts for both TIA members and non-members are also available. 

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